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Schilderijen van Analia Testone - ArgentiniŽ

Hieronder vind je twee schilderijen van Analia Testone, een jonge kunstenares uit Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero Analia Testone

acuarel analia testone

Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires - ArgentiniŽ


Contact Analia:


Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1976. I do not want to exaggerate, but I have to say that almost from that very moment I have almost always drawn, or at least since my fingers acquired force sufficient to maintain crayon by the time necessary to manage to make an outline in a leaf better or even, in the wall. Those outlines were reinforced and multiplied mainly throughout the years and when starting to study Fine Arts.

Study in the Municipal School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano, and in the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon, obtaining the titulos of National Teacher of Drawing (1998) and Professor Nacional de Dibujo (2002). Soon, it attends the licienciatura in Arts in the IUNA and at the moment I am finishing the Masters in Painting in the Superior School of Fine Ernesto Arts of the Carcova.

Participate in several collective samples with drawings and paintings and make individual samples of drawing in General the Cultural Center San Martin (2004), Cultural Center Freely (2003) and of paintings in the Bencich Palace (2002) and in the Municipal School of Beautiful Arts Manuel Belgrano (2001).

Ever since being a young girl I used to repeat that I would became a great visual artist without in fact knew very well what that meant, but that did not matter if it meant being able to draw all the day without stopping.
"Some day i will be an artist...", I thought.
"I wish i became one ...", I think




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