Travel Adventure Asia

Photos and notes of a journey of more than six months through 9 countries in Asia: Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos.

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    Syabrubesi, Ganesh Himal and Bhairabkunda

    Just an other picture taken during our climb to Gosainkunda Viewpoint and one of Bhairabkunda, the lake right next to Gosainkunda. On this photo taken at Gosainkunda Viewpoint you can look all the way down in the valley to Syabrubesi (altitude = 2,380m) and to the top of Ganesh Himal (7422 m). Syabrubesi can be recognized as the white spots down in the valley. Above Syabrubesi one can recognize the winding road (Pasang Lhamu Highway) to Chilime and Rasuwa. Bhairabkunda, the lake right next to Gosainkunda.

  • Kathmandu,  Nepal,  Travel Adventure Asia

    Women celebrating Teej festival

    Nepali women celebrating Teej festival around the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu Valley. Teej is the fasting festival of women in Nepal. Married women across the nation observe Teej fast to honor Lord Shiva and for long and healthy life of their husband. Unmarried girls also observe fast on during this festival for good luck finding a good husband. Teej celebrations lasts for three days. Performing traditional dances and singing songs form an important part of the Teej festival celebrations. The color red is considered to be auspicious for women observing Teej fast and so most of the women dress up in red and/or bridal clothes.

  • Tibet,  Travel Adventure Asia

    Tingri to Nyalam

    Our last leg on the way to Nepal: from Tingri to Nyalam, a town at the Tibet-Nepal border We managed to get a lift from a jeep that was on its way back to the Nepalese border after it brought tourists to Lhasa. Empty landscape in Tibet Empty plateau in Tibet.

  • Tibet,  Travel Adventure Asia

    Mount Everest and Cho Oyu from Tingri in Tibet

    The north face of Mount Everest as seen from Old-Tingri in Tibet in the evening hours. As we were hitchhiking from Lhasa to the border between Tibet and Nepal we were not able to easily reach the base camp of Mount Everest since there was hardly any traffic on the route between the “highway” and the direction of base camp. We spent few nights in Tingri before heading on towards Kathmandu.   Below a photo of the Cho Oyu mountain as seen from Tingri. Cho Oyu is a mountain on the border of Tibet and Nepal. It’s peak is 8.188 m.