• Argentina,  Patagonia

    El Calafate (Argentina) – Torres del Paine (Chile)

    December 20 – December 28 – El Calafate and Torres del Paine On December 20th we were due to fly from Ushuaia to El Calafate in southwestern Patagonia early afternoon. Before we went to the airport, we first worked in an internet cafe, because it was raining a lot again. Once we arrived at the airport, it turned out that we had a four-hour delay. Despite the airport being close to the city, it made little sense to go back, given the weather, and we take the opportunity to do some more work, make reports and pick photos. El Calafate When we finally got to El Calafate it was late,…

  • Argentina,  Patagonia

    El Chalten – Argentina

    December 28 – January 1 – El Chalten After the glacier spectacle, we first do some work the next morning and then leave for El Chalten, a small town in the north of “Parque Nacional Los Glaciares”. On the way we make another stop at Bosque Petrificado ten kilometers west of Parador La Leona on Lago Viedma. This place has its own small dry microclimate and fossilized dinosaur trees and bones can be found. The archaeological site is not further marked, so we have to find it ourselves. We can still find the petrified trees, but we lay people cannot distinguish dinosaur bones between all the stones. Then we drive…