Gokyo Trek

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    Gokyo Trek: Gokyo Ri & Tengboche

    Climbing Gokyo-Ri The next morning the alarm is set at 3:30 am (no typo), because the ascent of the Gokyo-Ri (the peak above the village of Gokyo) is on the program. This climb takes about 2 to 3 hours and the sun rises around 5:30 am. Early in the morning you have the best chance of clear weather. However, it is still completely cloudy, so we postpone our departure for another hour. Then we jump over boulders over the river while it is still dark and then start the difficult steep climb from 4,750 meters to 5,350 meters. Because of the altitude you really do not move quickly. Unfortunately it…

  • Gokyo Trek,  Nepal,  Trekking

    Gokyo Trekking

    Kathmandu – Lukla and trek to Monju May 6 in the morning (5.15 am, pooh) we left for Kathmandu airport to fly from there to Lukla. Lukla is the starting point of their trekking in the Everest area for many. Especially for those who do not feel like or have the time to walk from Jiri for 8 days (which seems to be worthwhile). We were only with 2 other passengers in a 19 person airplane, all other seats were completely packed with cargo: soft drinks, beer, noodles you name it. Everything was neatly tied of course (ahem). It was a beautiful flight with a beautiful view of the mountains,…