Drastic changes in education system soon

Curriculum Development Center (CDC) is all set to introduce two streams of education – professional and general – right from primary to higher secondary level. Chitra Prasad Devkota, deputy director of CDC said the school level education system in the country is going to change drastically with decisions such as this, and others that are going to be taken by the ministry soon. “This framework was developed on the basis of findings from studies and researches related to the education system in Nepal,” said Devkota, adding, “We’ve already sent it to the Ministry of Education and it is going to be passed soon.” Once this comes into practice, a student who finds formal education boring and unsuitable can just quit and join professional education. “Such a system will not only solve the problem of unemployment but put the right person in the right field,” added Devkota. “We have planned for it very seriously and we are sure the changes are going to be implemented soon.” After the proposed framework is endorsed by the government, class ten students won’t have to appear in School Leaving Certificate (SLC), but in regional level exams, instead. Students will have to sit for SLC exams only after completing class 12. Similarly, children with different mother tongues will be provided with curricula in their own preferred language. “Curricula in different languages are being developed so that no group will be deprived of education,” informed Devkota. To suit the approach, teachers too will be provided with training to teach in different languages. Likewise, the pass marks will be 40 instead of the current 32 out of 100. The frame has also proposed to adopt comprehensive assessment system till class seven, which means evaluating and promoting a child according to his/her overall performance and knowledge instead of examination only, explained Devkota.


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